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Gower is more than a graphic designer/marketeer/communications specialist...he is the most creative and joined up thinker I know. He has integrity of the highest order - in actions, thoughts and designs. Definitely different and highly effective.

Martin Lamden - Managing Director, Syat Associates

Gower always made a great effort to understand the brand and where we wanted to take it, then took the brief and creatively and strategically pushed it in every direction until a creative solution was found. Gower’s ownership, drive and creative thinking would make him an asset to any project.
Stephen Reeds - Marketing Director, Tie Rack

Gower's work is always thoroughly researched, with meticulous attention to detail. He favours original ideas that are true to the client's business over off-the-shelf design work. His work always seems to stand the test of time, and still feel appropriate and modern years later.
Ed Thomas - Director, Doubleshot

I have known Gower since 1992 always as a friend but additionally as a service provider. As a creative, Gower worked on several campaigns for my retail jeweller shops, the most memorable being an amazing Christmas window display built by the set makers at Pinewood. The late night scene of revelling snow people was a brilliant blend of moral, surreal and hilarious and proved a great success in drawing attention to the store and defining its creative outlook. In addition to the printed yearly brochures and daily consumables, I worked with Gower on directional business planning and occasionally even jewellery trends and ideas. I highly value Gower’s input and never doubt his ability or his delivery.
Jess Canty - Owner, Jess James

You want ideas, you go to Gower. You want strategy, brand consultancy, straight-talking opinion, you go to Gower. 100% recommended for every creative challenge!

Phil Robinson - Creative Director, Proctor & Stevenson

I had the pleasure of working with Gower in the very early stages of my career whilst at Cobweb Solutions Ltd. Gower has a deep understanding and appreciation of clean, professional design and branding, and like myself has an almost borderline obsession with perfection. It was a pleasure and a bloody good laugh working with him.

Ed Gain - MoveIT, Product Director

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